'This was a time of terror, this was a time of hell.'

A regime is overthrown and a baby abandoned. In a place turned upside-down, a servant girl does all she can to protect the child. Order restored, the child's mother wants him back. But who does he belong to now? The old ritual of the Chalk Circle will decide.

Bertolt Brecht's masterpiece is retold for our own complex times. In a world of revolt, populism and displacement, how does power show itself? And who really knows best? This breathless adventure is explained with immediacy and vitality, confirming the enduring relevance of Brecht's theatre and politics.

Directors: George Evans & Jesse Fox, Engineer Theatre

Set & Costume Designer: Sophie Thomas

Vocal Coach: Ben Joiner
Costume Supervisor: Alison Cartledge
Sound Mentor: Ben Grant
Production Supervisor: Shaz McGee
Puppetry: Dave Emmings
Singing Coach: Deborah Garvey

BA (Hons) Acting (CDT) Course Leader: Catherine Alexander

Performed by BA (Hons) Acting CDT students, working alongside students from the BA (Hons) Theatre Practice

© 2015 by Engineer Theatre Collective

Images by Alex Nicolau, Sarah Beaton, Jalaikon Greg Goodale & Richard Davenport